React-native-auth0 pure native mode

Hi. I am building a android+ios app with react-native and react-native-auth0 is used and linked.
I’ve followed the standard tutorial and just guide me in using the default login screen, that’s basically a web-based authentication.

What if I want to use the native device accounts for auth? Is there any docs about it?


PS: using react-native 0.55 and react-native-auth0 1.2.2

To start with, have you looked into the following?

Also, looking through the React Native documentation I found a link to the following sample of an embedded login form instead of using a web-based form

You can also embed login functionality directly in your application. If you use this method, some features, such as single sign-on, will not be accessible. To learn how to embed functionality using a custom login form in your application, follow the Custom Login Form Sample.

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