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Compiled with Node ^15.0.0

Hi there,

I have an issue when it comes keeping the session active in the portal. With or without token rotations turned on we get into a bit of a UX entanglement.

It appears at random times the app tries to re-authenticate the current user automatically by
1. First heading to the login page with a code as a param. (universal login page auth0)
2. Then redirecting back to the app dashboard once re-authenticated.

This is an unwanted behavior as it first removes control from the user and second forces the user to redo all of his/her actions again without knowing when it could happen again.

Is this a normal behavior to getting the getTokenSilently strategy?

A current solution I have that bypasses this redirect that happens; is by calling the get token silently method recursively every 10 seconds. It appears to not occur anymore after implementing this. When I get the token I do not bypass the cache. So it only does a long polling if there is a new token available.

I am wondering if this is a good approach and if there are any other better alternatives to avoid getting redirected to login after being logged in and having a valid session.

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