Raise Password Dictionary entry limit

Feature: Raise Password Dictionary entry limit

Description: Password Dictionary feature on DB Connections lets you provide custom entries, but only allows up to 200. That limit is too low for our needs. Raise that limit much higher, or make it configurable

Use-case: We are a B2B SaaS company pursuing HITRUST certification, which seems to be quite important in the healthcare industry as our major customers are requiring it in their contracts. One security control requires use of a password dictionary, but it must be updated at least every 180 days.

We thought we could use Auth0’s Password Dictionary to achieve that. We thought we could maintain our own list and upload it as custom entries. But with such a low entry limit, we cannot do that. Our auditor said that 200 entries would not be sufficient for compliance.

Now we are seemingly stuck, and may need to consider migrating out of Auth0 entirely just to meet this single control.

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