RadZen with Auth0 help

has anyone combined RadZen with Auth0 ?
does anyone have any examples or samples they can share ?
i am working on how to best get Radzen generated code to use Auth0
RadZen login is done very differently from the Auth0 sample and i do not want to re-write more than i have to.
anyone have any recent samples to share ??
there was a post here last year but the github repo link is going to 404 not found.

Hi @figuerres

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Thank you for posting your question, I’ve seen one of the user posting question about Blazor and he stated the he was able to implement Radzen Components for the UI. I’ll dm him and ask to make this repository public if possible. Another thing is this still we be custom job, as stated by Radzen

Auth0 authentication isn’t currently supported out of the box. It probably is doable via some custom code but we haven’t tested it. Such a feature isn’t planned at the moment - I am logging it for future consideration.


the snip is for angular / typescript not for blazor. so it does not help.

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