Queries related to SMS for multi-factor authentication

I am working on implementing multi-factor authentication in my application. This requires sending a code via SMS to the user’s phone with a 6 digit OTP that they will have to enter at the time of login. I was trying to set up MFA in Auth0 but I see the following message:

" Use of the Phone Message, Email, and Push via Auth0 Guardian factors require an Enterprise subscription with the Enterprise MFA add-on enabled. Please contact us to get started."

I am on a Developer-Pro subscription.

I want to know whether not having a Enterprise subscription puts any limitation on not being able to send SMS for MFA? I mean can I not even test MFA functionality of Auth0 without an enterprise subscription?

Hi @Sargent_D,

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At this time, SMS MFA is an enterprise feature.

If you want to trial it before moving to an enterprise plan, you could set up a new tenant that will be on trial for 30 days with all features.

Otherwise, a Dev Pro subscription includes DUO MFA or OTP apps like google authenticator.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



What do you mean when you say “At this time, SMS MFA is an enterprise feature”? Does this mean that in non-Enterprise plans, SMS MFA would not work at all? If so, how do I check whether I am on trial or not? We have had this Auth0 account for many years now and never used MFA before. From what I can see, I am able to enable Phone Message as one of the factors in the Multifactor Auth page on the dashboard, so I am guessing that it is enabled. I was also able to send SMSs to myself for multifactor auth to test my MFA workflow.

So, what am I missing here? What is the limiting factor for Developer-Pro accounts with respect to multifactor authentication using SMS?


To clarify:

SMS MFA (a one-time, numerical password sent in an SMS) is a feature that requires an Enterprise level subscription. If you do not have an Enterprise subscription, then using this feature will require an upgrade.

It is possible that you are able to use an enterprise feature, but will eventually be prompted to upgrade or otherwise from our sales team. If you are able to use SMS MFA then you are free to test it, but will eventually be contacted.

If you have explicit questions about your subscription, I would encourage you to contact the sales team, as they are more knowledgeable on pricing, account, and subscription questions.

The Community is typically more geared towards technical support, but we try to answer anything we can.


Hi @dan.woda,

Thanks, I think I will do just that. Though I am a bit disappointed that something like this is not very obvious or explicitly stated anywhere in the documentation. In either case, I have dropped a message to the sales team. Hopefully, they will give me some additional insights.


Thanks @Sargent_D,

I apologize for the frustration on this front. Please let us know if you have any other questions!


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