Python Front End

I’m working on a Python/PySide2 based desktop app for Linux, macOS, and Windows. It’s for an existing subscription based service. The user needs to authenticate before uploading or downloading files. The authentication is handled via Auth0 in the non-Python version of the app.

I am completely new to the identity world. Is it even possible to implement Auth0 with a Python front end? Or is it possible for the user to authenticate via a browser and pass that to the Python app? The user needs to log into their account online to do any work anyway.

I can only dig up information on backend Python and Auth0.

Hi @igor3

You are using Python as a native app, instead of a classic web app or SPA. There are a few alternatives you can use for a native app:

  • Use ROPG (resource owner password grant)
  • Open a browser from the python native app (I have done this, it turns out it is hard to destroy the browser after the authentication is complete)
  • Use Auth0’s device flow.