Put together a template for those looking to integrate Auth0 with Webflow

Hey all :wave:

A while ago I ran into an issue where I wanted to quickly put together an admin portal for my customers.

Webflow seemed like a great fit. However, identity was a problem.

There was no integration for Auth0 (where the users were stored) into Webflow. So I had to put together my own.

I figured what we did would be useful to the next person so over the holidays I dusted off the code, made some tutorial videos, and put up an Auth0 Webflow template so others in this space don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Hope it helps!

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Hi @bnchrch,

Thanks for sharing your solution!

Hey @bnchrch - how do you use this with your main app?

I’m looking to move our onboarding flow to webflow so I can easily test various steps etc, then at the end I want to direct them to the main app and ideally be logged in automatically. The aim is for them to go from www. to app. seamlessly.

Hey @breslinv !

So I don’t think webflow is well setup for an onboarding flow. Its great at displaying data, so so as collecting data and awful at sending data back into your own system.

Sorry to deflate your balloon on this one :frowning_face:

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