Public cloud deployment region Canada

Is it possible to use Canada as a deployment region for the Public Cloud (hosted by Auth0)?

I noticed the docs for private cloud mention Canada, but when I want to create a tenant on Auth0 hosted version, I can only choose (Australia, Europe, Japan and US).

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Hmm that’s weird. Can you share the link to where you saw Canada mentioned as I was pretty sure we cover Australia, Europe, Japan and US as you mentioned. Thank you!

Here is the link

I understand that this is for private cloud deployment, where basically you can use any AWS region, but I was wondering if there is an option to use Canada for the public cloud Auth0 hosted version.

We have a customer that wants to use Canada as a deployment region, and we were checking if we can use Auth0 for them.
I don’t see any pricing info for the private cloud hosting, but I assume that it is targeted at bigger enterprise customers, so probably it costs more, so it wouldn’t be an option for our usecase.

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Actually, we would probably use Azure if we were to choose between it and AWS.

I see it also supports the Canada region.

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That is correct. Canada region is supported in Private Cloud per the doc you mentioned above but is not available on public cloud and yes private cloud is targeted at bigger customers