Provisory token

I am struggling to get something like a low privileges token when signing up using Lock in my SPA app (before email confirmation). Any clue how to workaround this?

:wave: @christian.angelone are you trying to let the user use your app, with limited permissions, until they confirm their email? Just making sure I understand your use case!

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No, i need a token to know who is using it, so that i can associate data with that particular user, let say post a review

gotcha! Thank you for clarifying for me :slight_smile:

One way is we can add metadata to the user profile that we can then add to the token as namespaced claims and set permission levels in our app accordingly. There a simplified example case where there is just an admin and a user role and it’s set using an Auth0 Rule to add a Role to a user depending on some pattern. Depending on how complex we can even take a look at the Authorization Extension. Let me know if this helps!

but this, does not give me a token during signup :frowning:

what happens upon sign up? do you get an error?
how are you performing the signup and login in your SPA? can you walk me through the steps?

do you have any voice contact to reach you?, and btw do you speak spanish?

Hey there!

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Wanted to reach out to know if you still require further assistance?