Prompt 'select_account' returns 'expires_in' instead of 'expires_at'

Every time a user tries to authorize using Google social connection, we want to allow the user to pick from all Google accounts he has.

This answer explains that if we use auth.params: { prompt: 'select_account'} the user can always pick his desired Google account. However, a subsequent call to a callback URL replaces expires_at with expires_in for all connections (database and social ones too). This an example of a callback: /callback#access_token=…&expires_in=7200

I know we can calculate expires_at from expires_in according to this doc.

How can we forse expires_at with auth.params: { prompt: 'select_account'}?

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It was my fault. Auth0 is returning always expires_in. We just internally stored expires_at.