Prevent Sign ups from Universal Passwordless Log-in Process


I’m using passwordless sms via Universal Login. I’d like to know how to prevent the Log in process from signing up non-members. Currently, when a user attempts to log in and they’re a non-member their sms number can be validated and then are automatically signed up. If a user isn’t a member I expect a wrong-credentials error. My goal is to keep public Log in and private Sign up completely separate.

Hi @ajedgarcraft , welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Within the “Passwordless Connection” you will find a setting at the very bottom of the list to Disable Signups.

This is also shown on our docs page here, Passwordless Authentication with SMS.
Hopefully, this is what you are looking to achieve here,

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@nathan.jenkins Thank you for the prompt response.

I do not wish to Disable Signups, I simply would like for Signups to not occur when a non-user tries to log-in. Currently when a non-user attempts to log-in there is no wrong-credentials error. They are asked to validate their sms number, and upon validation they are added as a user.


I don’t want arbitrary sign-ups to occur here:

I still want access to this:

Is this a possible approach?

@nathan.jenkins Will this inquiry not get any further responses?

Hi @ajedgarcraft ,
Sorry for the delayed response!

The behaviour you describe is not currently possible. I believe this is by the design of the passwordless feature since it saves the users some additional button clicks if they do in fact need to create an account, and therefore reduces some friction with getting the user signed up and logged in.

@nathan.jenkins Thank you. I will figure out a workaround for dealing with non-user log-ins>sign-ups.