Prevent multiple logins from different sessions

Hi! First of all, maybe this is a repeated question, sorry about that!
I’m pretty new to Auth0, but there is a functionality that we need to implement for a current project: once an user is logged in, he shouldn’t be able to log in again, simultaneously, using the same user in another session (i.e. different browsers, etc). With the default configuration it is possible, and I can’t find any option to disable this “multiple login” behaviour.
Thanks for the help!!

Hi @aalonso,

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Thanks for reaching out. As of right now, there is no built-in feature that provides this functionality. I have seen the idea mentioned, and there is talk of such a feature, but I don’t have any guarantee or ETAs. If you would, please fill out a product feedback form, we would appreciate to hear more about your needs. In addition, we use this tool to see how much interest there is in a feature like this.

I have seen users try to implement this by only allowing one IP at a time to be authenticated. They leverage rules and app_metadata to monitor which IP is requesting auth, then logging out when the IP switches.

Let us know if you get something working!


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