Prevent forwardning of login_hint to oidc provider

My OIDC provider does not allow empty value for parameter login_hint. My connection’s upstream_params is empty, but login_hint is still sent as query param with empty value. How can I prevent this ?

Hey there @petter welcome to the community!

Interesting - What happens if you explicitly set upstream_params to null using the Management API? Is the login_hint param still passed?

Let us know!

I have a similar need – for the OIDC provider I’m integrating with, they’ll prefill and disable the username input with whatever is passed through login_hint. Auth0 passes email, but this is not the identifier the users actually want to login with.

I tried all of the following things:

"upstream_params": {} - Email still passed through
"upstream_params": null - Email still passed through
"upstream_params":{"login_hint": ""} - Payload validation error: 'Expected type object but found type string' on property options.upstream_params.login_hint.
"upstream_params":{"login_hint": null} - Payload validation error: 'Expected type object but found type null' on property options.upstream_params.login_hint.
"upstream_params":{"login_hint": {"value": ""}} - Email still passed through
"upstream_params":{"login_hint": {"value": " "}} - Worked for my use case

It would be good to get an official solution from Auth0 here. The last solution works for my use case, but I imagine for others it won’t (logint_hint is still passed as a space, my OIDC provider just ignores it in this case).