Post User Registration Hook not called after Google OAuth Sign-Up

I have a custom hook that runs successfully when a user signs up using the email, username, and password but it does not run when a user signs up using google-oauth2 connection type. My custom hook basically calls another API and passes some of the user’s sign up data. I set up my client id and client secret with google-oauth2 so I’m not using development keys. Is there something i can configure so that the post registration hook will run whether a user sign up using email/username/password and the Oauth2 sign-up?

Pre/Post-User-Reg-Hooks are only triggered for database connections, not social connections. You should use a Rule instead and check if it’s the first login of that user (context.stats.loginsCount), then call that other API from within the Rule.

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That worked. Thank you.


Glad you have it working now!

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