Post User Registration Action Flow for SSO

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From the documentation I understand this triggers only for database and passwordless connections only. How would I go about a usecase where I need to run something only once after the user “registers”. I understand that for SAML SSO connections, registration is technically happening on the first login. Some user object is created and stored somewhere on Auth0’s database, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to see the user on the Users Dashboard.
Do you plan on including SAML connections in the post registration action flow?
If not how would you suggest I achieve “do this only when user registers”? Post login action flow and some custom metadata flag? Or login counter < 2? What is the most solid, trustworthy approach here that’s applicable to all users regardless of how they register (in case you need to support multiple login types like username/password, passwordless, SSO, etc.)?
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Hi @milan.milojic,

I would suggest using the post login action flow with some custom flag. For example, if you require every user to go through some onboarding flow, you may add a flag like app_metadata.onboarded = true for users who have completed it and check each user for that flag and send them to the onboarding flow if it doesn’t exist.

Hope this helps!

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