Post Login action user meta not available on redirect

We have an Angular 12 application Using the Auth0 Angular module for authentication.

We have 3 actions defined. pre-registration, post-registration and post login. Pre-registration and post-registration work as expected we are able to communicate with our own APIs and create a new user account in our database. When we log in however we want to request a one time token from our authentication API for the Auth0 user to use, so we can make calls to our API. The requests are successful, but when the user is redirected our Angular app it is not available at first. If we refresh the page the token then becomes available. It seems to me like Auth0 is refreshing to our application before it finishes updating the user meta and that prevents us from having access to the one time token.

Am I right in assuming that this is why the token is not available even though the post login script is working and getting the token and storing it.