Post login action triggered Enroll started


I’m currently implementing an action which is making a call to our backend server.

What I’m experiencing is sometimes, on certain events, actions are fired multiple times AND some of them, we cannot see the Action details in the logs.

I know it’s firing multiple times and firing since I can see the event since our BE is called, but I cannot see the logs in the Monitoring menu.

For exemple, we have users that have hit the Enroll started event, but the post login actions are triggered without logs.
Would anyone be able to explain or point me to the right documention on that please?
Thank you!

Hi @dl-newton,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

To confirm; you suspect that a Post Login Action is triggered multiple times during a single authentication.

Could you please share the details of your action, with any sensitive data obscured?

Hi again,

I just connected with your TAM, it looks like they are tracking it down. I’m going to leave it to them and I’ll update here if I have more info.

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