Possible to let users of our product define their own permissions?


We have a web service where customers buy a license for each employee to use our services.
Our service use permission based authorization, for example an auth resource would be

  • Projects
    with different actions like
  • View Project
  • Create Project
  • Edit Project

and then we have roles like

  • Employee
  • Project Leader

Different permissions are assigned to different roles, and then consequently different users have access to certain parts of our service.

But the problem is that all off the permission configuration is the same for our customers. We would like to offer our customers to define their own permissions for the roles. So for example Customer A want’s their Employee-role to have access to Create Project, while Customer B only wants the Project Leader-role to be able to create projects.

And we don’t want to configure these settings for each customer/on their behalf, but offer our customers access to configure it themselves.

Is Auth0 able to do this?

Anyone can help me with this question?