Please expose JWT from auth0-spa-js

We are in the middle of migrating from auth0-js because we want to follow your best practises in our apps, but our main authentication method relies heavily on the OpenID connect option in AWS AppSync.

Their authentication method requires JWKS to validate the JWT (ID Token) from auth0, I am aware of Getting the JWT id token from auth0-spa-js - #8 by mathiasconradt and I hope a serverless product from AWS itself represents a use case big enough for you to care.

Hi @vicary!

I appreciate your feedback on this! Would you please submit a feedback ticket. This is the direct communication route to our product team.


Hope others find this comment helpful.

After some try and error, our team found that when authorizing with openid in the scope, getTokenSilently() will return a JWT.

Although that’s what we wanted, this behaviour does not match past discussions here, neither is this clearly documented.

I have submitted a feedback ticket.

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This should get you the raw ID token / JWT:

  const claims = await auth0.getIdTokenClaims();
  //if you need the raw id_token, you can access it in the __raw property
  const id_token = claims.__raw;
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