Plain HTML form Embedded login and Refresh Tokens

-Auth0.js SDK (latest)
-Plain HTML5 Login and Signup Forms using Embedded Login

Is there a way to use refresh tokens client side with Embedded Logins using webAuth.login(). I don’t see a way to use offline_access with it, only with webAuth.authorize() which is not embedded.

I dont want to use any other frameworks if possible just standard html since this javascript code / login / signup forms resides in a web game engine. I am simply including the Auth0.js in it, otherwise I need to download any extra framework.min.js and include it in the engine (cant use npm install).

I am able to get a access and user tokens already but RefreshToken is null on parseHash

if the refresh tokens need to used on the my server only API (node.js) how would I deal with access tokens client side and using refresh tokens when needed. Just looking for the any examples or guidance on this, if there is one. thanks!