Payload validation error on call to https://localhost:7290/callback

Problem Statement

We configured the Application Login URI with a URL that includes ‘localhost’ ( e.g. https://localhost/3000/callback ) and received the below error.

Payload validation error: 'Object didn't pass validation for format absolute-https-uri-or-empty: https://localhost:7290/callback'; on property initiate_login_uri (Initiate login uri, must be https)."



For the field ( “Application Login URIs” ), you cannot use localhost, and it requires https://, as stated in this document:

“The login_url should point to a route in the application that ends up redirecting to Auth0’s /authorize endpoint, e.g. Note that it requires https and it cannot point to localhost. login_url can include query parameters and a URI fragment.”

Therefore, please make sure that “Application Login URI” does not specify ‘localhost’.