Application Login URI field payload validation error for https://localhost:5001/authorize

Hi, I am unable to add a login URI in auth0 application settings, getting the same (and obviously false) error. Please help asap, as it holds back the integration. Thank you in advance.


Payload validation error: ‘Object didn’t pass validation for format absolute-https-uri-or-empty: https://localhost:5001/authentication’ on property initiate_login_uri (Initiate login uri, must be https).

Hi @hello11,

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You are getting this error because of the localhost domain.

This is from our docs:

The login_url should point to a route in the application that ends up redirecting to Auth0’s /authorize endpoint, e.g. . Note that it requires https and it cannot point to localhost . login_url can include query parameters and a URI fragment.

It looks like some users found this solution helpful:

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