Payload of Access Token is blank

I am getting the Access Token with the below code, but the part of payload is blank. How can I fix?

      const token = await getAccessTokenSilently({
        audience: "API Audience",
        scope: "read:current_user",

Hey @akira3213 welcome to the community!

Are you attempting to get a Management API token for a SPA?

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@tyf Yes. I am attempting to get a managemetn API token for a SPA.

I’d appreciate if someone helps me to solve.

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Hey @akira3213 !

Are you passing the audience of your Management API? It should look something like https://{your_domain}

@tyf Yes, audiece is set in this way. Is there any possible cause or steps I need to do?

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Interesting - What does your initial /authorize request look like? That is, prior to calling getAccessTokenSilently what does your request and subsequent token(s) look like?