Pasting Client Id fails with a leading space

When entering the client id for the google connection ( , pasting the ID results in a leading space. The page will then complain that the ID is not valid. And I then spend the next 15 minutes pulling out what little hair I have left trying to figure out what step I did wrong and what other client ID there might be.

Hi there!
Sorry about that experience!

Did you use the copy button from the Google dashboard to get the client ID? Or did you manually select the text to copy? What browser did you use?
I’m trying to repro on Chrome. Using the copy button works as expected. Manually copying the text can result in a trailing space (which also causes troubles), but I can’t seem to get the leading space.

In any case, I’ll report this to the Dashboard team.

In firefox - I copy the secret:


And than when I paste it, I get a leading space:

But if I paste into an editor, there is no space. The dashboard is putting a space:

I get the same problem with the secret too.

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