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Hi, I’m looking for an easy way to implement passwordless support. If I understand the situaton it appears this is not very well supported in auth0 e.g. no easy way to create/manage users, confusion between users created passwordless or with password, no example projects, no support in the Universal product (should use the Classic product, whatever that means). It seems auth0 does not want to support passwordless login moving forward. I’ve seen a video from Cloudflare where they demonstrate passwordless login and it is handled like any other type of login (it seems). The developers/sales/marketing might want to take a look at Cloudflare for this - I’m going to try it out now. If someone does have an easy path to getting started with passwordless login on auth0 then I would like to kow, thanks!

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There you go:

Hi, that link does claim Universal Login supports Passwordless (other parts of the site seem to contradict this but good news). For SMS or email it tells me to go to this document Configure Email or SMS for Passwordless Authentication which describes the New Universal Login which I assume is not the Universal Login nor the Classic Login. That document tells me to go to Passwordless with New Universal Login at the bottom of that page it says changes need to be made to the client so I guess there is no demo. The code it provides is: auth0 = await createAuth0Client({ domain: config.domain, client_id: config.clientId, connection: "email" }); it would be great to see how to use this in demo project at auth0-express-webapp-sample/01-Login at master · auth0-samples/auth0-express-webapp-sample · GitHub

First things first. Universal Login is one of our features. It has kind of two ways to implement it either through a Classic version (first version of the Universal Login that give you a lot of customisation possibilities) or New version which is simply a newer implementation of Universal Login. The second one is supposed to be more lightweight give you some possibilities for customisation but not as many as the Classic one.

In terms of the code snippet you shared. If you want to implement New Universal Login with Passwordless then you obviously need to follow this doc:

In terms of the code snippet you shared it’s that simply cause passwordless is supported in New Universal Login natively so you just need to make sure to add such code in your language to appropriate place in your app.

That was quite painful. In the end I needed to disable Username-Password-Authentication to allow the passwordless option to be presented to the user but I don’t think the guide explains that. It seems there is no need to modify code (which the guide implies has to be done, I guess that is true for a Javascript client, not the demo). @konrad.sopala you did put me on the right path. Is there a way for me to limit access to a list of users (emails) maintained on the auth0 side or do I have to manage that on the server side?

I see in the logs that emails are sent to the address I used to create the auth0 account but I do not receive passcodes. I don’t see errors in the logs. I’m not sure how to debug that, any ideas?

Also I should mention your colleague was excellent in providing an example at Passwordless use · Issue #60 · auth0-samples/auth0-express-webapp-sample · GitHub to fix the config and that means I do not need to disable the Username-Password-Authentication

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