Passwordless signup

We are using the auth0-lock in our angular application. Recently we moved from password login to passwordless signup and login. Previously we were using the check session method to refresh our accessToken. But after updating to passwordless signup we are not able to call check session. Every time we call the check session we are getting a “login_required” error.

Hi @ajeetkumar and welcome to the Auth0 Community! :tada:

Were you previously using Lock for your username/password based login as well? Can you confirm you’re on the newest version of Lock and have configured it for Passwordless as outlined in these docs?

Additionally would you mind sending me your tenant in a DM as well as a .HAR file that captures this login flow up to the error you’re receiving? Please be sure to remove any sensitive information prior to sending the .HAR file. Details on capturing a .HAR can be found here:


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