Passwordless Sign-in with .NET - 'message.State is empty'

I’ve got normal authentication set up in a .NET API and everything is working properly. I have a need to start using passwordless sign in, where the user comes to the site separate from the login page and so I create a new user attached to the passwordless (‘email’) connection, which sends them an email with a one-time sign-in link. All of that seems to work okay, but the issue is when redirecting to my API to handle the token and redirect the user to the application, the OIDC middleware doesn’t receive a state, and so the sign-in fails due to that. There aren’t any tutorials online that use .NET as well as the passwordless flow, so I’m wondering how this is supposed to work while using the auth0 .NET library and supplied middleware?

There is an old topic posted here from 2018 that received no attention, so i’m hoping that there’s someone from the auth0 team that can help me here considering it shouldn’t be a big deal to do this but there is zero documentation on it.