Password Change Token Request returns "User does not exist"

Our application uses the Management API to issue password change token requests so that a user of our application can change their password.

We are currently receiving errors for 2 of our customer when they attempt to change their password. Other accounts can change their passwords successfully.

The error we receive is: “Auth0.Core.Exceptions.ApiException: The user does not exist”

We know the provided email exists in the related user record in Auth0 because we can find them in the Auth0 Database using the email lookup function on the Auth0 Dashboard. We’ve also confirmed that the Connection Id is correct.

I’ve looked in the Auth0 logs but the ApiException is not recorded.

Can someone help me figure out why the API calls are failing in a few cases but succeeding in most?



If you could provides more details that would be really helpful to understand the problem in detail. I mean the exact email you getting error and more more information.

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Hey @rashid779939, thanks for responding.

I’m not sure exactly how knowing the email address will help in this case. It is a gmail address with standard characters (

As for more information, please let me know what would be helpful.

We are using the Auth0 dotnet core library. The error happens when we create the PasswordChangeTicketRequest object giving the above email address and the related ConnectionId.

To be clear, this is only happening with 2 of our 3200 users (that we know of :slight_smile: )