Passport-Auth0 - New Strategy returns user profile but the app_metadata is not included


I am working with Auth0 via the passport-auth0 library. I’ve successfully implemented this in other apps, but am running into a tricky problem.

I set up a new Auth0Strategy() and successfully retrieve the user profile. However, this profile object does not include the app_metadata as expected. My application has all of the metadata scopes enabled. I even tried to disable the scopes temporarily just to see if I get a new error but nothing changes.

I can see that the app_metadata is successfully stored on the user profile in the Auth0 interface. Is there some trick that I am missing? I have basically copied the configuration from my working applications.

After some testing, I was able to get the app_metadata in a postman request.

I also opened an issue on the passport-auth0 github, in case that is where the problem is.



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This is fixed!

The issue was that a new application I created would not expose the app_metadata without creating a Rule. The strange part is that the other apps are quite old and were grandfathered into this change.

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