Passkeys vs WebAuthn

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Is there any practical difference between passkeys and WebAuthN? So passkeys with passwordless are supported but WebAuthN not? I think WebAuthN is technology for the passkeys

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I moved this to a new topic because it’s a bit off topic to the original feature request.

This is answered well here Difference between passkeys and Id first + biometrics flow - #3 by tyf

Passkeys are in themselves “passwordless”, but are not Passwordless Connections (An Auth0 term for SMS and Email OTP/Magic Link).

The word “passwordless” is used as a branded term (Auth0’s feature), and as a general description for methods of auth that don’t require passwords. I.e. All of Auth0’s Passwordless Connections are passwordless authentication methods, but not all passwordless authentication methods are Auth0 Passwordless Connections.

A bit convoluted, but hopefully this helps!

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