Passkey Support Timeline

Is there an ETA or even rough guess on when Passkey Support will be available?

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I Don’t get your question. please give proper information.

Reference and demo here:
When will we see something like this released?

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Hey @dave7! My name is Salman Ladha and I’m on the Product Marketing team for Customer Identity and will be supporting the work we do with passkey.

I’d love to learn more about what specific use cases your team is exploring. Would you be open to a quick call? The benefit for you is that you’ll have a direct line into the team building the solution :slight_smile:

Happy Thursday!

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Hey @salman.ladha ,

I’m keen on getting passkey support for signup. I’m open for a quick call to discuss our use cases.

I’d also like to know when we can expect these features to be available in Auth0 outside of labs.

@kswanson32 pinged @salman.ladha to reach out to you. Thank you!

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I am also interested in enabling passkeys for authentication on sites that I manage with Auth0. Now this tech has been officially released by all the major browser vendors and is quickly being adopted by all the major websites, do you have a timeline when this will be available for Auth0 customers as shown in the demo. If I login today there is still no option to go passwordless.

Thanks @jimmythecoder for advocating for that as well. It looks like Salman is out of the office but once he’s back I’m sure he’ll reach out to you!

Hey @kswanson32 and @jimmythecoder—sorry for the delayed response. As Konrad mentioned, I was out of office on vacation. Now that I’m back, I’d love to connect with the two of you to learn more about your use cases and provide some visibility into our roadmap.

I’m sending each of you a private message to setup some time to chat.

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Thanks a bunch @salman.ladha !

Hey @salman.ladha we’d also be interested in passkeys. We’ll be evaluating different biometric options soon and I’d love to push for auth0 with passkeys.

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@salman.ladha - we are also interested in Passkeys support in Auth0 for our apps.
i wonder why there is a need for further discussion about use cases, as the Demo shows quite a simplistic flow both for us (Developers) and customers.

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any update or rough guess on when Passkey Support will be available?

Hi all, we are doing a survey on passkeys, please take a moment to fill out this form and earn some SWAG: