Auth0 WebAuthn Support

Is there an ETA when webauthn will be natively supported as an authentication option within Auth0? We’re pretty excited to leverage our Yubikey 5Ci’s for passwordless authentication.


Good question! Hey there! :slight_smile:

Let me reach to one of the teams and find out more about that

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So there’s no public information that we can disclose right now but as soon as we can I will do that for sure and notify you. In the meantime the only thing we can offer is our content on webauthn:

Appreciate the quick reply and I’ll be keeping an eye out for this awesome capability!

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Sure I’ll do my best to let you know once it’s there!

It is frustrating to have engaged with all the WebAuthn documentation and demos and yet Any update on this?

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I’d love to get a sense of when we might expect this from Auth0 directly, loved all the teasers and informational content as declan mentioned, but not know how or when we might expect to get support.

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Would love to hear an update. It’s been a pretty long time and I haven’t seen much movement in this area, so I’m starting to consider alternative products.

We are evaluating IDaaS solutions at the moment and Auth0 almost checked all the boxes, except Passwordless authentication using the Webauthn protocol. When are you planning to release this feature?

Folks! It’s in Beta now!

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