Passing email and username in JWT

Is it possible, to pass username and email in JWT.
I’m using OIDC package

A good primer on JWT at Auth0 is here:

For your purposes, what you’re describing are private claims as part of the payload:

Finally, there are private claim names , which you can use to convey identity-related information, such as name or department.

The IETF does provide the following info on using private claim names:

4.3. Private Claim Names

A producer and consumer of a JWT MAY agree to use Claim Names that are Private Names: names that are not Registered Claim Names (Section 4.1) or Public Claim Names (Section 4.2). Unlike Public Jones, et al. Standards Track [Page 10]

RFC 7519 JSON Web Token (JWT) May 2015 Claim Names, Private Claim Names are subject to collision and should be used with caution.

Thanks for your response.
It seems little bit complicated, so better, to have another call, to get profile information.
If you know, is there any way, to get profile information by php SDK?

You can check our Quickstart on PHP in the section for user info

but it really seems like you just need to add more info in the payload for the JWT as was previously provided. If this isn’t what you need, it would be helpful to know more about your use case.

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