Passing custom information into the Auth0 logs

We have built out an SDK and (for troubleshoot purposes) we would like to pass the SDK version that our customer is using into the authentication logs. Obviously if we can do this we could pass other information as well but the goal being that we’re able to decorate the raw data in the logs with our own custom fields.

That way (let’s say we have a user complaining they can’t log in) we can look in the logs in Auth0 and not only see the failed login but see (in this example) which version of our SDK they are using.

My google-fu is lacking apparently cause I haven’t been able to find something similar.

Any help?

Hello, @cstasiuk!

This is not something that we currently support. The only way of getting that data into the Auth0 Logs would be to have a custom useragent for your SDK, which is where the requests are being sent to Auth0 from. We log useragents, so that would get logged, but we don’t allow any “custom” information per-se.

I would, however, encourage you to go to and suggest it to our product team.