Passing an argument to withAuthenticationRequired along with the component

I’m working on protecting routes in react-router v5 and I have an issue…

A route like this, where I don’t need to pass an argument, works fine:
<Route path="/add-exercise" component={withAuthenticationRequired(AddExercisePage)} />

I have another route I’d like to protect as well. Here is what it looks like unprotected…
<Route path="/edit-exercise"> <EditExercisePage exerciseToEdit={exerciseToEdit}/> </Route>

I can’t figure out how to include the exerciseToEdit={exerciseToEdit} argument. I can make a protected route like this…
<Route path="/edit-exercise" component={withAuthenticationRequired(EditExercisePage)} />

…and the router will get me there if I’m logged in, but of course the necessary argument isn’t passed.

Any advice on the syntax for passing the argument in as well?