Pass props through ProtectedRoute

I am currently using Auth0 within a React Application that takes advantage of React-Router. I have some of my pages using the Protected Routes option. I’m trying to get some of application code that includes state management into the same file that holds the ProtectedRoute component. The page I’m trying to send props to is being sent as a component prop to the ProtectedRoute component:

<ProtectedRoute exact path="/current" component={Current} />

I hope this is clear enough. I’m new to web development and this is my first post here. The code in question that I’m trying to move up can be found here. All the state management and various other functions would need to get passed into the Current page as well as one other page.

I realized I didn’t finish my full thought. The code in question would need to be passed through as props to the Current page and since the Current page is being passed through as a prop, I just don’t know how to set up the code so that all the other code and elements needed can be passed into the Current page. Normally I would have expected to be able to use this format:

<Current whatever={insetVariableHere} whatever2={insertAnotherVariableHere} />

So I’m just unsure how to make that happen within the way the page is being passed into the ProtectedRoute component.

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