Pass a selected value to sign up to associate to account after success redirect

The app:

traditional web app in Node / express
so far setup express-openid-connect and login / signup is working fine.
We want people to select an appointment, but don’t want them to sign up until appointment is selected and paid for.

Once they’ve found and paid for an appointment, they need to go to universal “sign-up” and on approval redirect back with the appointment ID and user ID so they can be associated together. how to get that data through?

A post-signup Action would be fine as well if it had access to the data sent to universal login to be pushed to the backend system with the new user ID and the Appointment ID


Hey there @johnvws sorry for the delayed response, and welcome to the community!

It sounds like you might be interested in utilizing authorizationParams to pass a custom parameter (appointment ID) in the /authorize request - This data will be accessible in an Action in event.request.query. The user_id will be event.user.user_id. Typically, this data would be added as a custom claim in an ID/Access Token and utilized that way.

Hope this helps!

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