Outdated UI tooltip about Twitter and email

In the Dashboard, under Connections -> Social, when I click on Twitter, I see this tooltip warning:


Twitter does not currently provide user’s [sic] email address

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Hi @Civility,

From what I can tell, email is not part of the basic twitter profile:

Profile information: View your profile information, such as your name, location, description, and profile and header photos. Note that the email address associated with your Twitter account and your phone number are not considered profile information.

Is this not the case? I tested it and do not receive email in the user profile.

Where is the grammar issue here?

Hi, the grammar issue was a missing “the” before “user’s”.

Re. the email I took the tooltip to mean that Twitter does not (can not) provide the user’s email at all, but I think it means the email is not provided by default rather, and must be requested specifically?