Org specific signup via invitations for React Native applicaiton

I am referring to below link for org specific signup invitation.

The link mentioned is ‘{invitation_ticket_id}&organization={organization_id}&organization_name={organization_name}’, Does the same will work for React Native applicaiton by replacing the url with auth0Scheme.

e.g. auth0Samples.atuh0/login?invitation={invitation_ticket_id}&organization={organization_id}&organization_name={organization_name}

Yes, the link format you mentioned (‘{invitation_ticket_id}&organization={organization_id}&organization_name={organization_name}’) can work for a React Native application by replacing the URL with the Auth0 scheme.

When using React Native with Auth0, you can use the AuthSession module provided by the Expo SDK or the react-native-app-auth library to handle the authentication flow. You will need to configure the appropriate redirect URL and callback URL in your Auth0 Dashboard for your React Native application.

Make sure to replace ‘’ with your actual domain and ‘auth0Scheme’ with the scheme you have configured for your React Native application in the Auth0 Dashboard. This scheme should be something like ‘com.auth0samples’ or ‘myreactnativeapp’.

By using the correct scheme, the link will be handled by the Auth0 SDK in your React Native application, allowing you to process the invitation and organization details appropriately.

Remember to handle the deep linking and authentication flow in your React Native application to capture the invitation ticket ID, organization ID, and organization name from the URL and proceed with the desired actions.