Ordering of redirect and consent


Using rules, It appears like the “context.redirect” occurs before user consent is obtained (when it is required).

Is there a way to control this ordering?


Hi (again) @danielharvey!

Is this with a first party application? If so, you may be encountering the consent page because you are developing on localhost. This can be avoided by following this doc:

Hope this helps,

@dan.woda, thanks for the feedback. I’ve read up on third party apps, consent etc.

I’m happy with consent (and want it to occur), but when using the redirect capability of rules, I would like the redirect to occur after application consent has been granted by the user rather than before.

I can see use cases for both. Shouldn’t this be configurable? Is it?

I see. I can’t find any guidance on this, let me reach out to the team and see if it would be possible.

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