OpenID Resource Owner Auth - error using tokens with auth0.js 9.7.3

I’m using an api that leverages Auth0’s legacy Authentication API to log a user in like this:

The api call succeeds, and I pass the access token, ID token, and token type to my front end UI, then set them on window.location.hash so it looks like this:

Then I call Auth0’s javascript library (v9.7.3) webAuth.parseHash(…) passing in the window.location.hash containing the hash in the URL above. It’s at this step that I get an error “invalid_token: ‘state’ does not match”.

Checking the logs in Auth0, I see “Success Exchange (Password for Access Token)” then “Failed Silent Auth (Login required)”. I am not using auth0.js to initiate authorization since I’ve done so via my api, so I’m not sure why auth0.js views this as a silent auth request.

This worked about a year ago, but now I’m revisiting this code and it’s failing. Is what I’m trying to do possible?

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