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OnTicketReceived is never triggered


I have a .NET Core web application where I have a custom login page. That all works fine. The only problem that I have is that the “OnTicketReceived” event in “OpenIdConnectEvents” (in my Startup.cs) is never invoked.

I was wondering if this is normal behaviour? Is there a way to trigger that event when using a custom login page?

PS. When I log out, then the “OnRedirectToIdentityProviderForSignOut” does get triggered. For some reason “OnTicketReceived” event never is.


As I understand this could have something to do with the CallbackPath setting? I have the following URLs in the Allowed Callback URLs configured:

https://localhost:44316/signin-auth0, http://localhost:1650/signin-auth0


Is it possible for you to provide a sample of your connection and auth code (with any sensitive information removed) for review?


Hi, I have added a striped down version of my project.

I couldn’t find an upload button here on the forum, so I’ve uploaded the project elsewhere:

If you could take a look, that would be great.

The funny thing is that the event OnRedirectToIdentityProviderForSignOut does get triggered when I log out. So I assume that the CallbackPath is correct?

Maybe also good to know is that I have the following settings:

Allowed Callback Urls:
https://localhost:44316/signin-auth0, http://localhost:1650/signin-auth0

Allowed Logout Urls:

Application type is: Regular Web Application

I allowed Grant Type Password for the application.

Other than that it’s default settings.


Hey there @ShoPeng! When you get a moment can you DM me your tenant name and a HAR file so we can dig deeper into what’s going on? Thanks in advance!


I wanted to touch base with you @ShoPeng and let you know that I am currently investigating this with our TSE team and will get back to you with a response.


Great, thanks a lot! Looking forward to your answer.


Hey there @ShoPeng can you please share a code sample of your Startup class when you get a moment? Thanks!