One Application Multiple Connections

I have an applications that I would like to use multiple sources with. For example, I have a few users that will live in a native Auth0 database and many users that are stored in a separate LDAP system. Right now I have both activated for the application, but the Auth0 database users credentials don’t work - it’s like the login box isn’t aware of that connections because the LDAP auth still works.

Does anyone have suggestions on what I should do?


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having the exact same issue and any insights would be appreciated!

Hey there @igelu! Welcome to the community @danalloway :slight_smile:

It sounds like you might be interested in exploring Identifier First Authentication:

At a base level, Ul/Auth0 needs to know which database a user is to authenticate against - Another option is to specify the particular connection param in the call to /authorize as outlined in the following FAQ:

This does have the drawback that you can only specify 1 connection, and must implemented in a way (multiple login buttons?) that allows you to make the appropriate call to /authorize.

Hope this helps at least get the wheels turning! :thought_balloon:

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