Okta SAML Integration Redirecting Back to the Login Screen and Not Dismissing Popup

Hello all,

I’m following this guide to integrate with Okta for our application.

It appears that in the Okta dashboard logs, it’s saying that authentication was “successful” but within the browser popup, we get redirected back to the login screen. It looks like we are authenticated, but it just goes back to the login screen. The subsequent time I type in my email, it refresh back to the login screen.

When I used different auth methods (username/password or Google Auth), I get redirected to the webpage with “OK” in the body.

On the SDK side (we’re using the .Net SDK) the popup dismisses in the latter case (username/password/google auth) and I am able to get the Auth0 access token, but in the former case, the popup stays there and I am back at the login screen.

I’m thinking this is something I easily missed (potentially a callback URL set somewhere??) But I’m not sure where to find this… This is only an issue with the Okta integration. Thanks!

Within Auth0, under the allowed callback urls, we have set “https://.auth0.com/mobile” am I missing an Okta one? And if so where do I find it?