OKTA different okta domain for different requests

I’m trying to use the okta api. I was able to use the api to create an authorization server and access policy with my okta domain.

The problem started when I tried adding a rule to the policy. When I tried adding a rule with my regular okta domain which looks like this: dev-1345678.okta.com, I got a 200 response but no rule was actually added to the policy. I then checked the request through the browser when adding one through the api and noticed that they’re using a different okta domain which looks like this: https://dev-1345678-admin.okta.com. Only when I used that domain did I get a 201 request instead of 200, and the rule was actually created.

How do I know when I need to use the domain with the “admin” in the url and when not?

Hi @babubanti999

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It looks like your inquiry is related explicitly to Okta rather than Auth0 (which is a separate product under the Okta brand). Since this forum focuses on Auth0 you might more specialized assistance on the https://devforum.okta.com/ .

The Okta community is a great resource for questions about Okta-specific implementations and features. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience that would be more relevant to your current project.


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