Obtaining Multiple User Tokens for Different Organizations in a React-Admin Application

In my React-admin application, I have configured the Auth0Provider to obtain a token with an organization ID at the beginning. Here’s the current setup:

 return <Auth0Provider
            useRefreshTokens={true} >
            <App />


My goal is to obtain user tokens for multiple organizations (which has different scopes) and store them in a map so that I can use the appropriate token for each API call based on the organization. Unfortunately, when using getAccessTokenSilently, I don’t have access to the specific org_id required for each organization’s token, cause this is managed and called by react admin authProvider.
So this won’t help me:

        token = await getAccessTokenSilently({
          organization: <<different_org_id>>,
          ignoreCache: true,

I’ve considered calling the authorize method on my backend (NodeJS) using the auth0-js npm package with WebAuth, but I’m not entirely certain if this is the correct approach.

Do you have any suggestions for a clean and efficient way to obtain multiple user tokens for different organization IDs in this scenario?