OAuth Authorization URL

I have got tokens using Client Credentials with Machine to Machine Application. To get these tokens, I used to send requests (POST) with postman to OAuth Token URL

Now, I would like to get tokens from a Single Page Application and I see that Client Credentials is not available.

First of all I’m trying to get tokens using Implicit grant type, and I think that I must use OAuth Authorization URL (Add Login Using the Implicit Flow with Form Post). However, I get an error message “Not found”. I have checked Implicit Grant Types in advanced settings of my Single Page Application.

Is it correct the OAuth Authorization URL? Which could be the cause of my error?


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For a SPA, the recommendation is to use Authorization Code Flow with PKCE. I’d also recommend using one of the Auth0 SDKs as well, and you can find out more about these here.

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Thanks for your help.

Does it make sense to use Postman to verify the performance of our SPA?

:thinking: I think Postman can be configured to use the Authorization Code grant - see here for additional details. But if you’re using it to get an Access Token, you’re not really testing the performance of the SPA; you’re simply testing the performance of your API…and the performance of Auth0 :smiley: