Not asking for login after the app is re-installing


I am using Ionic SDK with my mobile app, for iOS using iosWebView: ‘private’ it is working as expected. But, for android If I install the app and login successfully then deletes the app and again install the application it is not asking for login credentials, it is logging in with earlier credentials.

What should I do to prompt for login?

Are you using the ULP? Sounds like you are, and that a session has been established and still exists. You should log out to end the session.


I’m new to auth0. Can you please help in fixing this?

I can try but I need more details.

Are you using Auth0’s Universal Login Page, or are you using login embedded in your mobile app?


yes, we are using it

Since you are using the ULP, you have a session (stored in a session cookie). Reinstalling the app doesn’t remove the cookie, so the session doesn’t exist and the user will not be asked for credentials.

If you want to log out, use the /v2/logout endpoint (and you might want to do this during the app removal or app install).


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Is there any other workaround to remove the cookie or else any other way instead of using ULP?