NodeJS / How Fetch token in api using express-openid-connect

I have an API that serves as backend for a frontend
I am trying to finish SSO login but i am having issues retrieving token and using /callback endpoint
After configuring my Application in Dashboard, looks executes a post request for my api_domain/callback

The start point of my SSO login is calling /sso/org_acronym

const azureADConfig = {
  authRequired: false,
  auth0Logout: true,
  secret: 'mysecret',
  baseURL: 'http://localhost:3000',
  clientID: 'myclientid',
  issuerBaseURL: 'myissuerBaseUrl',

const applyAuth0Middleware = (config) => {
  const middleware = auth(config)
  return (req, res, next) => {
    middleware(req, res, next)

router.get('/sso/:org_acronym', applyAuth0Middleware(azureADConfig), (req, res) => {

Then I applied a middleware using auth to redirect to localhost:3000/callback, but neither in /sso route or /callback route i receive a req.body or req.headers… it is always an empty object
And in log i receive

@ POST /callback {"extraDetail":{"ip":"","method":"POST","url":"/callback","body":{},"statusCode":302,"responseTime":"4.210ms","signalTrackerId":"sdaabcbeac929b723e7"}}

If i go to the sample test in dashboard, it says that my login as successful

How can i fetch token or something that proves that the authorization worked and then i can redirects to my other frontend page?