No route matches [POST] "/auth/auth0

I followed exactly step by step the tutorial demonstrates to add user login to a Ruby on Rails application but when I click on the login page I got the following error:
No route matches [POST] “/auth/auth0
That seems to me normal because it is not defined in the routes.rb
My concerns is that the tutorial does not include a step to create this route (and related controller).
I did’nt find anything reported around my issue only one similar error on GET but not on POST (” No route matches [GET] "/auth/auth0)
Any clue? Thanks

Hi @razakab,

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Can you show us the code where this route is being called? I have not seen this as a normal route in our quickstarts, and there may be something that got configured incorrectly.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your quick response

Please find below the instruction from the tutorial at the section “Trigger Authentication”


Add the following to the generated show.html.erb file:

<!-- app/views/home/show.html.erb -->

<img src="">
<h1>RoR Auth0 Sample</h1>
<p>Step 1 - Login.</p>
<%= button_to 'Login', 'auth/auth0', method: :post %>

I just downloaded and tried it and everything is working correctly for me. Is it possible something was configured incorrectly?

Hi Dan,
I think also like the issue for the following

But I am not able to find what is wrong

We can stop working on this topic.

Thanks for your time


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